Corporate Governance

SPEAS focuses on complying with the corporate governance recommendations of the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance with respect to its relationship with shareholders and other stakeholders. SPEAS generally supports the recommendations and will strive to apply them to the extent they are relevant and contribute to the Company, taking into account its business area and activities.

Statutory statement on Corporate Governance, cf. section 107 B of the Danish Financial Statements Act:

03.04.2019 FY 2018/19 (in Danish)
18.04.2018 FY 2017/18 (in Danish)
25.04.2017 FY 2016/17 (in Danish)
28.04.2016 FY 2015/16
28.04.2015 FY 2014/15
30.04.2014 FY 2013/14