Other news

SPEAS has with effect from May 2016 discontinued to publish company announcements etc., including financial reports, in English.


21-05-2019, Norvestor VI divests Robust
07-05-2019, Herkules III sells Puzzel
03-05-2019, Apax Europe VII agrees to sell Acelity
29-03-2019, Litorina IV sells Fresks Group


10-12-2018, Herkules III to sell Stamina
10-07-2018, EQT VI to sell Sportradar
16-05-2018, EQT V to sell HTL-Strefa
10-04-2018, EQT V and VI to sell Broadnet
07-02-2018, EQT V to sell CBR Fashion Group


08-11-2017, Norvestor VI, Crayon IPO
11-10-2017, EQT V, Terveystalo IPO
22-09-2017, IK 2007 to sell Schenck Process
06-07-2017, Herkules III sells Enoro
03-07-2017, Litorina IV sells Sveba Dahlen
06-06-2017, Norvestor VI divests Abax
02-06-2017, EQT VI to sell Færch Plast
15-05-2017, EQT VI to sell Bureau van Dijk
07-04-2017, IK 2007, Actic IPO


13-01-2017, IK 2007 to sell Colosseum Smile
23-12-2016, EQT V to sell SAG
19-12-2016, EQT VI to sell BSN medical
01-12-2016, EQT VI sells Automic
30-11-2016, Litorina IV invests in Fractal Design
07-11-2016, Norvestor VI divests Phonero
29-09-2016, Apax Europe VII agrees to sell Plantasjen
28-07-2016, IK 2007 to sell Vemedia
05-07-2016, Apax Europe VII agrees to sell Epicor Software Corporation
04-07-2016, Apax Europe VII sells TRADER Corporation
15-06-2016, EQT V, AcadeMedia IPO
01-06-2016, Herkules III sells Harding
31-05-2016, EQT VI sells Atos Medical
06-05-2016, Litorina III sells Grolls
03-05-2016, IK 2007 exits Trigo
18-04-2016, Norvestor VI divests Sortera
09-02-2016, Apax Europe VII, Ascential IPO