Extraordinary dividend distribution

Company announcement no 7 2015/16
Copenhagen 23 July 2015

Extraordinary dividend distribution
During Q2 2015/16, SPEAS has received exit proceeds from the private equity funds and the Company’s cash reserves now exceed the current liquidity needs. In Q3 2015/16, the private equity funds are expected to distribute further exit proceeds to the Company based on announced, but not yet closed, sales of portfolio companies.

SPEAS intends to distribute as large a share of its cash reserves as possible, with due regard to outstanding investment commitments, and, consequently, the Board of Directors has resolved to distribute extraordinary dividend of DKK 1,500 per share, equal to a total of DKK 65.2m.

Dividend will be distributed on Friday 31 July 2015, and the SPEAS share will be traded excluding dividend as from Wednesday 29 July 2015.

According to the Company’s articles of association, the Board of Directors is authorised to distribute extraordinary dividend.

For further information, please contact:
Ole Mikkelsen, CEO, tel +45 70 25 10 55, mobile +45 30 66 96 30

2015 07 150723 Extraordinary dividend distribution